It all started when my dad gave me his old Nikon F camera that he bought during a trip to Japan in the 60′s.  I started photography at Tokay high school with Mr. Cruz and a great set of classmates.  I initially photographed nature and abstract images using Ilford 400 film.  In my senior year, I discovered the art of photographing people.  I would ask friends to model constantly and I absolutely loved it.  After earning my AA degree in Humanities, I realized that I no longer wanted to make Japanese language my living, and my parents agreed to let me try for photography schools or culinary schools.  I went to a lot of different places to get a feel, but I instantly fell in love with Brooks Institue of Photography in Santa Barbara.  In less than three months I moved everything down to Santa Barbara and my life changed.

Now here I am, two years and eight months later, and I have finally graduated.  Now it's time to share my knowledge and love for photography with my clients.  I still love photographing portraits and capturing moments that you will want to keep forever.  Maybe it’s a beautiful boudoir session to make yourself feel amazing.  Maybe it’s to capture the fleeting moments of childhood.  Maybe it’s to commemorate graduating from high school or college.  Or maybe you’re ready to start your life with a newfound love.  Whatever you might want, I want to help you cherish these memories and feelings forever.